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Complaints procedure

If you experience a problem with Lands Department's services or procedures, please get in touch.


1.     How to complain

2.     If you're still not satisfied

If you feel unhappy with the way in which we have dealt with you, we want you to let us know so that we can put matters right, if we can. If we have got something wrong, your complaint will also give us a chance to try to improve our service for all our customers.

How to complain

Contact the team you have been dealing with at Lands Department. Alternatively, use our online feedback form.

We will:

·         acknowledge your complaint within 2 working days

·         review your complaint and usually send you a full response within 5 working days

·         tell you within 7 working days if we need more time to respond to your complaint

If you're still not satisfied


If your complaint has been through our internal complaints procedure and you are still not satisfied, you can escalate the complaint to the Management Services Department (MSD) by using their complaint form. MSD's role is to review complaints independently from the Lands Department.

MSD will only consider complaints about:

·         Services unable to meet their TPOR (time standards);

·         Late responses or no actions taken by Lands Department;

·         Inconsistent actions taken by Lands Department;

·         Poor implementation / enforcement of policies or laws;

·         Lack of coordination among departments of the same ministry;

·         Improper treatment / services rendered by public servants;

·         Poor quality services;

·         Lack of facilities or infrastructure.


MSD has no power to review or overturn any of our decisions about land registration issues and will not entertain the following type of complaints:


·         Matters related to judiciary or legislative;

·         Personal or family issues;

·         Matters related to private or non-government agencies.